Ideetron focuses on simplicity

Ideetrons proceedings focus on simplifying the technological chaos between man and machine. Ideetron is specialized in creating and executing clever technological solutions.
Ideetron prioritizes the wishes and demands of its customers..

Ideetrons mission is designing the most suitable solution for all electronics or electro technical problems. When designing we pay close attention to the most important involved elements, such as: price, performance and durability

Ideetrons projects are custom-made. Our company is not involved in any system-integrating projects. Projects are taken care of individually and can be applied for immediately. Ask about the terms and conditions.

Our company will research a problem or the optimal technical interpretation of your application independently or cooperatively. Based upon our findings we shall present one or several appropriate solutions of which you can choose.

Product development is key to re-creation of a solution. The solution to a problem is often the solution to other customers’ problems and you will be able to benefit from this. Our products are derived from preceding projects.


  • Wireless communication
  • System design
  • Schematic design and PCB design/layout
  • FPGA design
  • RF protocol-stack design
  • Embedded software/firmware
  • Production of prototypes and series production
  • Consultancy/advice
  • Project management


Ideetron has started a project which challenges you to submit your design in order to let us develop it further.
Do you happen to have thought of something but you have no clue how to turn that idea into a working prototype? Ideetron is able help you with this.
Send your idea to Ideetron and we will take care of the rest.





Product design


RF support


Reverse engineering