Ideetron supports and guides inventors and entrepeneurs along the way to develop ideas and concepts.


The goal of these projects is to try to understand whether or not something that makes sense on paper can be put into practice as well. Occasionally the challenge itself is not a tough nut to crack but the assignment turns out to be one.

Unfortunately, we are not able to put all the information regarding all the projects on our website. Most of the projects contain confidential information, we usually do this in regard with an NDA, which means it is impossible for us to share this information with you.

Ideetron has a capable team of highly motivated electronics engineers who are ready to face practically any challenge at its disposal. Ideetron accepts a couple of special projects under pleasant conditions annually. Send us an email and ask about the terms and conditions.


In 2018 Ideetron b.v. developed the WoTS fair gadget; the Proximo.

Follow the developments of the Proximo.


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